In 2010, we decided to break ranks. Throwing caution to the wind and starting all over again. More than anything, taking a sideways step and looking at the world from a fresh perspective! Not just because it sounds nice on paper, or for the sake of it, or even to make some bold gesture… We did it to open up fresh horizons and offer you new places to express yourself. The practical and the theory hand-in-hand, that’s our vision of what we do.

Through this simple sideways step, we’ve given ourselves the opportunity to come at things from different angles, integrating different roles and creating a hybrid of expertise. Corporate vs consumer? Too simple! Why not creative corporate strategies backed up with enlightening consumer approaches instead. Creating noise to stand out from the crowd? A delicate but magnificent balance! Investing on the ground for even greater resonance? Ambitious, but heroic! Launching a new national brand solely through digital influence? Risky, but a royal success! We embrace what makes our blended nature, our identity, our rough-and-readiness! We were born out of the challenge of meeting your needs and your clients’ new ways of working. Some lineage! We’re one, we’re all


When you find yourself at Marie‑Antoinette, it’s not by chance… we embrace what makes our blended nature, our identity, our beliefs! At Marie‑Antoinette, our talent are our number one ambassadors. That’s why we love unconventional, hybrid profiles, all you Swiss Army knives out there, with an unfailing entrepreneurial spirit and desire to step into the limelight.

You’re made for the #Guilloteam
if you:

  1. Are a bit of a connoisseur
  2. Are obsessed with GIFs
  3. Are a beast of a table football player
  4. Make unmissable Insta stories!
  5. Can hold your own during our lively morning talks

And if you’re committed to a cause, a project… why not join us!?


Celine Angelini Agency Co-Chair
Founder & Agency Director
Marie‑Antoinette PR
Why Marie-Antoinette? Imagine what could have been if she’d just taken a step to the side at the right moment…We’re ambitious for our clients. We guarantee the relevance and resonance of what they say, taking them places they never dreamed of. The brands we work with understand. To stand out from the crowd, you have to open yourself up to new horizons! And though it takes guts to step off the beaten track, the results quickly outstrip any misgivings. That’s the vision I’ve been sharing with our clients, partners and colleagues since 2010, and it’s what keeps us growing.
Axel Debeury Agency Co-Chair
Founder & Super Héraut Director

I founded Super Héraut back in 2012. The perfect time to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, just before the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans. Alas, in the end, the apocalypse didn’t materialise, but I decided to continue on my little adventure anyway, sharing my vision and beliefs of what an event should be. I’m driven by ideas. The strength of ideas. Those that impact, affect, radiate, resonate and leave a lasting mark in our minds. I quickly realised the opportunities available to me through a career communicating would be the most stimulating. With a degree in my back pocket and fresh from a round-the-world trip sharpening my interest in what’s out there, I naturally gravitated towards a career that would bring people together and unite them: big events. With my first job seeing me join the ranks of a brand-new consumer events department at the agency DDB Live, part of the DDB Group, I cut my teeth on accounts such as Philips, LG, Action Contre la Faim, Fondation de France, as well as JCDecaux. Five years on, I embarked on another adventure with an independent and creative agency, Rouge, where I headed the events department, a role that won me over for life. Over the course of my four years there, I supported clients like Microsoft, Whirlpool, Levi’s, Orange, Nespresso and PMU.

Hélène Leray Digital Division Director linkedin

Passionate about art and innovation, my background is somewhat unusual: from my early days in an art gallery to founding my very own start-up, I’m something of a Swiss Army knife come to life! A young forty-something and cultural project management graduate, I started my career in contemporary art before joining the agency world managing the accounts of some large private groups (LVMH, Orangina Schweppes, Starwood, Unilever) and NGOs (Positive PlaNet) while maintaining close links with the art world (Nicolas Feuillatte Award). Bolstered by these experiences and driven by a desire to take on new challenges, in 2011 I founded Zippyware, a start-up specialising in e-health. In 2017, after four years of a wonderful entrepreneurial adventure, Marie‑Antoinette welcomed me to run their ‘Les Frondeuses’ digital division. My new playground covers all things digital strategy; from social media to SEO, my eyes are always on the prize!

Elodie Balsamo Food & Corporate Director linkedin
Marine Guilleminot Innovation & Technologies Director linkedin
Emmanuel Poirier linkedin
Alvina Tissandier Strategic Planner linkedin
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