Brand content

‘The manifesto’

It might seem strange, but it’s true, an all-in-one search engine and application that feeds on a multitude of visuals, culinary and interior design inspiration, even gardening tutorials!

When we first had the brief for this megabrand in our hands, we quickly had firm ideas about what we had to shout from the rooftops! No classic PR here, but rather experiential brand content with the main purpose of educating the media on its use, teaching them about the clear strike force of this brand.

The agency deployed an allterrain influence programme, including topical workshops in the regions, weekly and prospective pitches, one-to-one meetings with the leading lifestyle media… and last but by no means least, a manifesto, a visionary tool in its own right incubated in France around a key central message: Pinterest is not a social network… over to you to discover what it can do!

The sideways step

Setting the tone! Deciding to become a creator and no longer simply a carrier of news

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