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‘A fruitful story’

In a global health context full of suspicion and a real need for transparency and reassurance among consumers, how can you guarantee a positive impact following the launch of a new product? Step in Kidifruit, the children’s compote without any pesticide residue whatsoever. The agency has designed a solution unlike any other, bringing together the real with the fiction, going against the grain of traditional product communications, thereby leaving a lasting impression and educating our target audience with the help of genuine communications understandable by all! The first ‘fruitful story’ was born out of a storybook featuring the brand’s mascots, designed to immerse our target audience in the heart of the incredible adventures of Kidifruit fruits, which grow in the orchard to the rhythm of the seasons under the watchful eye of their producers.

The sideways step

Appealing to the emotional, parent-child relationship through a children’s fairytale

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1 edition of the book by Marabout

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