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Buffalo Grill

In early 2019, an iconic restaurant brand in France set the agency an exciting new challenge, to bring new positioning of the brand to EVERY audience by making some very positive waves indeed! Its name, Buffalo Grill, of course! From the very start of the collaboration, the agency opted for an offensive strategy, striking hard from the onset! The idea was to return a certain status to the brand famous for its red roofs with the help of three solid proof points:

  • Support with announcing the brand’s new strategy with the arrival of Jocelyn Olive at the helm as managing director
  • Rolling out a brand-new restaurant concept ultimately destined for all 360 restaurants, including franchises
  • Consumer innovations, such as launching the first veggie burger in France made from Beyond Meat

The results: interviews and reports in top national media, along with the regional and industry press. Using agile and pragmatic tactics, Buffalo Grill was able to regain its foothold in the media landscape. (Re)conquest guaranteed!

The sideways step

Renewing the image of a legendary brand to anchor it at the heart of current affairs... what a (wonderful) programme!

Performance indicators

171 reports over 9 months +400 million cumulative audience 21 interviews and meetings with the Director General and top eco/news media, including Les Échos, Le Figaro, TF1, RTL, BFM Business, Challenges...

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