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‘The after-sales service barometer’

The agency has been supporting the Fnac-Darty Group since 2018 with all product launches (distributing exclusive products or special editions), busy commercial periods (after-sales service barometer, apartment of the future, Black Friday, Christmas…), regional communications on new store openings, spokesperson management(Olivier Garcia, Enrique Martinez),  and with their CSR strategy, advocating for more responsible and sustainable products.

This created a wonderful opportunity to highlight the work of two distinct entities: Labo Fnac and its repairability index & after-sales service with ‘the after-sales service barometer’, as well as ‘the sustainable choice’, which provides information on the durability and reliability of products before they’re purchased.

To raise awareness among the media and achieve widespread coverage, a comprehensive system was rolled out, including site visits, alongside offering an overview of the cutting-edge methods employed, one-to-one interviews with managers, launch press conferences for the media, an exclusive deal with Les Échos and France Inter, and Darty Max subscriptions to make repairs more accessible.

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