Ambassadors programme

Mondial Tissus

To consolidate its leading position, Mondial Tissus launched its very own brand in 2018 with some exclusive designs.

To support the launch, the agency organised two free creative events​ open to the public to really make an impression: ​ the Mondial Tissus Factory in June​ and DIY Day in September.

An ambitious influencers programme was also set up with a tailor-made cast of over 60 creative and professional DIY profiles identified from across the crafts community, all part of creating a Mondial Tissus reflex for every creative impulse.​

Inspiring brand content was introduced with the​ creation of 11 exclusive tutorials made by influencers leading DIY workshopsat the Mondial Tissus Factory and as part of DIY Day.


Performance indicators

64 loyal influencers 444 social media posts 420k story views

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