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The Mowi Group, a world leader in farmed salmon, chose Marie-Antoinette to support them with the launch of their Mowi Supreme brands in France, a brand that screams excellence entirely dedicated to chefs, alongside Mowi Pure, a deliciously well-bred type of salmon available in supermarkets. An events concept, social media strategies and interactions with journalists and influencers were at the heart of this major launch. As a result, chef Virginie Guitard was brought in to showcase the beauty of Mowi salmon at the Salon de l’Agriculture… A two-way masterclass with Norway, organised as part of a Zoom call during the pandemic, bringing together some 40 journalists and food/lifestyle influencers generating a great response in the consumer media and on social media. Throughout the year, Mowi brands were also highlighted through various products and their culinary prowess, but also in relation to issues linked to modern societal expectations, such as sustainable aquaculture, the need for reassurance and quality in the media and wider society, thanks to differentiating brand content and influencer partnerships. And to better interact with customers, a chatbot was introduced to complement the social system already in place.

The sideways step

Constantly adapting to customer expectations and contextual constraints, as demonstrated by organising a live masterclass over Zoom... With the Marie-Antoinette agency, anything’s possible!

Performance indicators

50 reports over 9 months 12 interviews with both food and lifestyle topmedia and industry specialists, including Marmiton, Vital, Maxi, LSA, Cuisine Actuelle, Linéaires, Néo-Restauration... 40k followers on Facebook and Instagram @mowipure 80k monthly interactions

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