Ambassadors programme

Pavillon France

Since 2018, the agency has supported Pavillon France, a collective brand bringing together all stakeholders in the French fishing industry, in promoting their careers, commitments and products.

Our mission? To raise awareness among the general public of various careers in fishingand the culinary potential of all different kinds of fish, combining educational material with some great food via a year‑round PR and influence campaign.

Our pool of influencer ambassadors committed to the brand live and breathe the Pavillon France experience and share it with their followers through a number of major events:

Meetings via an original blog trip to discover careers in the French fishing industry

Culinary demonstrations at SIA and via the fishtruck (heritage days, shellfish festivals…)

Gourmet recipes highlighting some forgotten fish and educational content to raise awareness among different communities


The sideways step

A year-round ambassadors programme designed to make the brand’s key messaging more widely understood whilst highlighting the culinary nature of seafood products

Performance indicators

48 loyal influencers 641 reports (social media & editorials) 746k global cumulative audience

Our clients