To perfectly encapsulate Deliveroo’s positioning, “passionate about food”, the agency created Deliveroo’s very first interactive campaign at Paris’ Saint Lazare railway station. The concept: inviting the general public to hack and share ‘foodie’ versions of some of France’s most famous common expressions. ‘my makis’ makis are my friends’, ‘money doesn’t make the burger go round’, ‘he who has no sauce has nothing’… An unprecedented dramatisation within the station’s famous collonade with an immersive and ultra-qualitative scenography in the brand’s gourmet and colourful world. A wraparound events display of more than 150m2 within the Grand Panoramique space at Paris’ Saint Lazare railway station. An ad hoc app developed for people to select their favourite French expressions from those on offer before ‘hacking’ them with food references to take away their own interpretation of the campaign.

The sideways step

An interactive experience for the general public at the heart of the dramatisation among the station’s impressive rows of columns, all requiring the development of an ad hoc application

Performance indicators

+445,000 passengers reached every day during the campaign

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