We began by building our value proposition brick by brick. This ensured our solidity, strengthened our legitimacy and has helped our clients reach the ambitious targets we set together.

Today, the Marie‑Antoinette agency brings together four key areas of expertise, hybridised and structured into separate business entities. Our teams come together around one founding act: the sideways step. Because our creativity isn’t about style over substance. It’s based on our ability to open up fresh horizons, being on constant lookout, not just to fill newsletters, but to challenge the clichés of our profession, producing brand-new content and sharing it in the best possible ways, always helping your message be seized upon and multiplied. We’re one, we’re all

Independent, passionate, daring, we’re Marie‑Antoinette, the PR agency. Yes, that one. The one that started it all. Paying tribute to that historical, paradoxical, eternal figure. An inspiring fighter, she threw off the shackles early on in life to recreate a world she could rule even better. An enlightened guide, today and every day, she inspired us to strive for meaning as much as excellence in everything we do. The royal road to getting people talking about you is one we’ll pave together. Far off the beaten track, a world away from the banality of everyday life, we’re not afraid to cut corners to lead the way. Our positions and our messaging are relevant, daring, impactful and always sharp.

Specialists in retail, franchise, agrifood, home/decor, consumer IT/PR, corporate PR, food service PR, crisis management, executive support, public speaking training, media training, brand platforms, TV - radio, brand content

Forever revealing new changes, we’re Fersen, the agency from Fair Corporate. An ambassador for ethical companies, whether courageous beginners or the newly converted, we take up the cause for those who want to turn the established order on its head and rethink what’s possible. Whether pioneers or influential leaders, you’ve taken the right stance on old habits, because you know from small changes grow big transformations. Our mission is to add value to yours. As sharp strategists, we craft new communication ecosystems dedicated to highlighting your best practice. And great upheaval calls for inspiring leadership! We connect you to new citizens, reasoned consumers and engaged influencers, turning them into tomorrow’s agents of change. We’re all, we’re one. 

Support with brand & company transformations, brand platforms, change management, impact audits, committed communications - CSR, internal engagement - employee advocacy, digital lobbying

Mastering an implacable soft power, we’re Les Frondeuses, like the committed aristocrats and rebellious princesses of the 17th century, we’ve freed ourselves from the established order. Intriguing influencers and creators of your wildest fantasies, invaluable recruiters through heroic actions and engaging behaviour. We’re Les Frondeuses, social and digital influencers, Amazonians and diplomats in equal measure. Virtuosos of the sideways step to gain a fresh perspective, mediators capable of elevating others from the crowd, we never stop rallying the most influential corridor courtiers of our time to your cause. We’re all, we’re one.

Influencer activations, ambassador programmes, influence mapping, social data intelligence, social media management - specialists in Pinterest and LinkedIn networks, digital training, social content, social games, social ads

We’re not afraid to head straight into battle. From confidences in hushed lounges to the clamour of a bustling city street, from stately institutions to the most unlikely of places, to help you stand out from the crowd, we don’t hesitate to summon the extraordinary. Because with our regal and mesmerising caps firmly in place, taking you from power to superpower only requires one step. Perfectly equipped with an overdeveloped sharpness and supernatural flair, our Super Hérauts are the masters of ceremonies that make any event. Whether you call them superb organisers of memorable celebrations or innovative experience designers, they’re creators of remarkable events with, above all, significantly high potential for media resonance. Mastering the fundamentals of brands, our Super Hérauts literally create the news, bringing the masses to your door and preparing the groundwork for you to run with. All you have to do is make history.

Retailtainment, point of sale entertainment, concerts, ephemeral venues, pop-up stores, roadshows, press days, awards ceremonies, evenings, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, stands