Brand launch


Since 2013, Suze have entrusted us with one clear thought in mind: how to break free of the brand’s antiquated image and twist its use?

Driven by the trend for old French alcohols, the agency designed and orchestrated the launch of one limited edition per year, rejuvenating the brand’s image and appealing to a ‘volatile’ consumer target market who are more adept at shopping. For the launch, the media and influencers were invited to discover the product as part of an exclusive cocktail party.

Little by little, Suez became the essential ingredient of all the most popular cocktails in town, whether in summer (Suze Spritz) or winter (mulled wine or Suze Chocolat).

On the corporate side, we’ve been working on turnkey and tactical solutions to trigger great articles, as well as substantive issues in the media, and even on TV!

The sideways step

Working carefully to detect trends among influencers and the media to always meet their expectations

Performance indicators

3 limited editions, Suze in Les Inrocks, Society, Néon - new media to follow... In the space of just two years, 2dedicated TV reports, 5 ad hoc press trips and almost 10 brand saga topics

Our clients