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Cuisine Plus

To make a younger target audience aware of what Cuisine Plus offers and boost their image in the face of strongcompetition, we opted to set up a very inspirational system indeed.

Our goal? To offer something other than 100% cooking content in order to differentiate the brand and surf new digital trends driven by Pinterest and Instagram. An approach that would echo the brand’s new baseline, ‘we’re not like the others’, withfun and inspiring content.

Inspiring brand content to motivate and spontaneously raise their profile among a younger target audience with strong purchasing power.

Qualitative targeting: working on character profiles and how to address them in order to reach Cuisine Plus targets at the right moment whilst engaging in conversation.

Community management with the creation of a strong editorial line, an amplified publication rate, impactful messaging and conversations with subscribers in a bid to meet their customers’ needs


The sideways step

Boosting Cuisine Plus’ image by generating positive engagement whilst capturing a younger target audience

Performance indicators

x3 traffic on the Cuisine Plus website +7k followers in 6 months on Facebook +3k followers on Instagram

Our clients