Brand launch

Les 2 Vaches

10 years on from the brand being established, we’ve supported Les 2 Vaches along the way with one clear desire: to change things, to contribute to a better, more transparent, fairer and more organic world.

Here at the agency, our recipe for amplifying all the positive communications around Les 2 Vaches involves a clever mix of daring and proactive work designed to support their chief executive and help him emerge through speeches on organic issues and a new agrifood model in the media, events (like the Salon de l’Agriculture, États Généraux de l’Alimentation…), making CSR commitments more visible, like environmental impact, animal well-being, the conversion to organic (press trips, forums…) and so on. But it’s also about working closely with key opinion leaders in the sector.

To all this we’ve had to add in a healthy serving of quirky events for internal team communications, as well as a Marie-Antoinette-style sideways step to put a twist on the traditional roundtable press conference, alongside turning certain anniversaries into genuinely unique experience nights… And to the delight of our tastebuds, we also love to concoct the odd gourmet and committed report designed to seduce influencers and journalists with some gourmet yoghurts made from organic fruits and milk.

The sideways step

Renewing and rethinking our activist PR strategy every year to bring meaning to our efforts!

Performance indicators

10 years of working and growing together with the Les 2 Vaches team!

Our clients