COVID action


A highly creative response withhighly prescriptive influencers to establish a diversified voice. Seven lifestyle influencers and foodies, all genuinely committed ambassadors for Deliveroo, came together to talk about the health measures in place during deliveries, how restaurants and local shops are being supported, not forgetting the solidarity fund set up by those concerned.

Actions were taken to convey strong messages during the lockdown of spring 2020, but through light and playful messaging promoting engagement between consumers and the brand.

Influencers with highly varied profiles and creative content were involved, incorporating motion, video, immersive content, live streams and more.


The sideways step

Highly varied content to cover all of Deliveroo’s messages that have resonated on Instagram with the help of seven macro urban influencers!

Performance indicators

10k interactions around influencer content 2,200 impressions (posts and stories)​ 2m reach ​

Our clients