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In 2013, a quiet revolution rolled into Marseille’s Saint-Charles Railway Station, a pink and blue train synonymous with a low-cost brand: welcome to Ouigo! Ever since, the SNCF-backed venture has been a runaway success: 20 million passengers transported, more than half of whom wouldn’t have taken the train without the low-cost option, and thousands of tickets sold from just five euros.

Since 2017, to support the acceleration and development of the brand, Marie‑Antoinette has taken Ouigo under its wing to help them discover what it really means to ‘take a sideways step’Yes, even when we’re talking low-cost!

XXL colours on the rails to celebrate heading off on holiday, free and roaming high-speed photocalls to celebrate the arrival of Ouigo in Bordeaux, Rennes, Strasbourg and Nantes, as well as family breaks, also at top speed, with influencers for Halloween or simply a weekend with well-known YouTuber Pierre Croce: travelling with Ouigo becomes a celebration, a family get-together and always a good time!

However, because the world of transport is also a serious one, and mobility issues are at the heart of society, Ouigo regularly sends strong messages through its spokespeople (who have been media trained by the agency) in TV reports (66 Minutes, Sept à Huit) or with the local press to celebrate their strong foothold throughout the country! Whether tabloid, broadsheet or local paper, they hold no secrets from us.

The sideways step

Getting people to forget about the world’s problems by generating our own positive content all year round.

Performance indicators

Reputation rates boosted by 20% in just 2 years and 1 TV spot every 6 months.

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