Product launch

Since 2010, the Marie-Antoinette agency and Arbre Vert have worked closely together. It’s a daily challenge to design 360° solutions, all voluntarily no-frills and with a triple goal in mind. Firstly, to promote their product innovations. Secondly, to support families on a daily basis. And, thirdly, to preserve the planet and our health!

A number of key concepts guide all our PR efforts, namely education, naturalness, environment, health and recyclability. This all translates into regular press trips to the factory, for the Made-in-France angle, TV spots filmed as closely as possible to the R&D teams working in the field, recurrent media training to support technical dialogue and work on CSR messaging related to standards and certifications, and so on. Of course, none of this could take place without a management support plan to boost the success story of Arbre Vert and remind us all of the brand’s leadership, which has opened up a genuine green market in supermarket’s throughout France.

Illustrating commitment also means having products tested in some unusual reports, designed to grab the attention of the mainstream media. It also means opting for round table discussions to unpick and better understand the issues surrounding indoor air pollution and even answering the age-old question, how can you really pamper sensitive skin? So many actions designed and carried out to boost all the brand’s products in hygiene and beauty.

The sideways step

Staying the course with education, whatever the target, to convey some fundamental messages without forgetting brand visibility

Performance indicators

Succeeding at getting Arbre Vert talked about every other day in the media!

Our clients