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Marco Vasco

Following in the footsteps of great explorers Marco Polo and Vasco de Gama, Marco Vasco, creators of bespoke travel packages, make dreams of exploring the world come true. The agency therefore developed and built a carefully thought out creative corporate system! There were two goals. Firstly, to increase the visibility and prominence of the company’s leader, Geoffroy de Becdelièvre, and secondly, to lead the company onto new topics where they could have a legitimate voice, like the French economy, entrepreneurial issues, even geopolitics.

The first step involved some 31 meetings organised over the course of a year between Geoffroy and top journalists from the economic press. To legitimise his expert point of view and trigger some opportunistic interviews, we positioned him in the news via regular topical flashmails (politics and work with the daily press, France’s El Khomri law, Donald Trump’s arrival on the international stage), on themes around business and digital technology (Google dependency, amendment to free actions, absenteeism in business…) and even purely tourism (recovering Tibet as a destination and the buzz around Cuba, Paris Match trigger!).

Step two involved creating strong and interesting content, without being afraid to step outside the tourism bubble and take a bold stance to really stand out, so that’s exactly what we did! With so much interest in politics in business before the presidential election, Geoffrey was a guest on Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s morning show on RMC and his account was also picked up by Le Parisien/Aujourd’hui en France!

The final step of the programme was about making Geoffroy the voice of entrepreneurs and the paragon of innovative and committed business. The key to this particular puzzle would be found in his role with Croissance Plus. Taking part in debates around business development in France and support for entrepreneurs: check! All that remained was to invest in visibility spaces, such as the plenary session at the Salon des Entrepreneurs, and to position Marco Vasco’s founder and director by introducing François Hollande’s speech.

The sideways step

Thinking up bold yet legitimate content that triggers opportunities.

Performance indicators

2 TV appearances per month 1 buyback by the Figaro Group

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